Accidents Resulting from Left Turns/Switching Lanes

Speak With an Experienced Attorney After Any Left Turn Or Lane Changing Accident

Any serious or minor car accident can cause major injuries

Just because motorists once passed their driving tests does not mean they retain knowledge about the laws regarding intersections, left turns and changing lanes. If you or someone you love has been injured by a negligent driver in a left turn or lane changing accident, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in the area where the accident occurred. In New York City, contact the accident attorneys at Segan, Nemerov, Singer, Sonin & Tancer, P.C.

Whenever a driver places a vehicle in the path of potential oncoming traffic, as must happen when changing lanes or making a turn, the chances of a motor vehicle accident increase. All it takes is one distracted or negligent driver who fails to follow the rules of the road. Some common causes of such accidents include:

  • Failing to honor right of way at an intersection
  • Veering too widely or turning too tightly when making a turn, thus bringing the vehicle into oncoming traffic
  • Failing to yield the right of way when crossing a bicycle or pedestrian lane

Drivers often illegally change lanes simply because they do not understand painted road boundaries.

  • Yellow lines indicate traffic flowing in both directions.
    • Double Solid Yellow Line — You may never cross.
    • Solid Yellow Line — You may not cross unless it delineates a turn lane.
    • Broken Yellow Line — You may cross to pass a vehicle, assuming it is safe.
    • Solid Yellow Line Next to Yellow Broken Line – You may never pass if you are on the side of the solid line, but you may pass in safe scenarios if the broken yellow line is on your side.
  • White lines indicate traffic flowing in one direction.
    • Double Solid White Line — Never cross.
    • Solid White Line — You should not cross unless it is the only way to avoid a hazard.
    • Broken White Line — You may cross this line to drive in any lane.

Any lane change must be signaled.

Understanding fault

You cannot recover damages in a car accident unless you can prove the other party’s negligent action led directly to you injury. However, violating traffic laws can be considered a negligent act in court.

Once you have taken care of everything requiring immediate attention following your car accident, contact a reputable car accident attorney to review your case. Do not worry about the severity of the accident. Major injuries can result from minor as well as serious car accidents. If the driver, the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident or any other party is found legally liable for your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Costs of medical and rehabilitative care
  • Lost wages, past and present

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