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Construction workers who are injured on a worksite often make a critical error early in the process of filing a legal claim. They incorrectly assume that personal injury cases involving construction accidents proceed just like any other personal injury case. At the New York City personal injury law firm of Segan, Nemerov, Singer, Sonin & Tancer, P.C., we have almost 60 years of experience helping clients injured on construction sites navigate the unique protocols of filing a construction injury claim.

How construction injury lawsuits differ from personal injury cases

In a normal personal injury case, the wronged party files suit against the negligent party whose actions demonstrably led to their injuries. But following a construction site accident, several considerations can force the resulting legal action down a different path.

    • If the injured party is an employee of the negligent party, the case normally proceeds through the workers’ compensation process. However, an owner or general contractor may still be liable to you for the accident and injuries sustained.
    • If the negligent party is a contractor with workers on the construction site, but is not the employer of the injured party, the case normally proceeds as a third party claim.
    • The most potentially complex scenario involves claims filed against the city itself. Such claims are common, as New York City is legally responsible for repairing and maintaining subways, sidewalks and other public areas in which construction takes place. Any suit against the city or municipality or agency must begin with filing a Notice of Claim.

The Notice of Claim

A Notice of Claim is served by would-be litigants upon a government body indicating they plan to bring legal action against that body. The intention of such a claim is to give the municipality notice to plan for impending legal action.

If your injury case involves suing a government body, you must work with a knowledgeable injury lawyer to file your Notice of Claim. Only such an attorney can help ensure you file your claim with the correct municipalities or government entities. If you file a claim with the wrong body, you may as well not have filed any claim at all.

Time is on the side of the city, not the injured party

Your attorney can also determine what statutes of limitations apply to your case. In most scenarios involving a New York City construction injury, you have only 90 days from the date of the injury to file your notice of claim. Other municipalities may impose their own statutes of limitations.

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