Surgical Errors

Cases Based on Surgical Errors Demand Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

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Modern surgery involves a team of doctors, physicians assistants, nurses, anesthetists and other medical professionals working together to provide competent and dependable care to their patients. Negligence on the part of any professional on the team can lead to serious harm, physical and emotional suffering, or even death. At the New York City personal injury law firm of Segan, Nemerov, Singer, Sonin & Tancer, P.C., our surgical errors attorneys have helped victims of such malpractice recover the compensation they need and deserve.

Surgical errors can occur in countless ways

For more than 59 years, our New York City malpractice lawyers have handled cases involving many different types of surgical errors:

  • Surgical malpractice. Any operative procedure can cause injuries if not performed correctly and timely.
  • Anesthesia malpractice. Failure to administer anesthesia correctly during surgery can lead to brain injury, respiratory failure, blindness, kidney damage, long-term disability or death.
  • Emergency room malpractice. In crowded, understaffed emergency rooms, minor medical emergencies can escalate into tragedies. Diagnosis errors, failure to fully treat patients, contaminated blood transfusions and many other types of errors can form the basis of an emergency room malpractice action.
  • Dental malpractice. Dental professionals perform many types of surgery, all of which must be executed in accordance with standards of safe healthcare.
  • Hospital malpractice. Unethical hospitals can force doctors to remain on call for days at a time, overload them with patients and ask them to work without adequate rest. When such a policy leads to mistakes, the hospital itself may be held liable for malpractice. Hospitals may also be responsible for errors made by doctors chosen by the hospital to treat its patients.

Other common types of surgical errors include:

  • Foreign objects left in the body
  • Improper postoperative care
  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nicked organs
  • Nerve damage

Case evaluation is the first step

Not all negative surgical outcomes result from mistakes like leaving foreign objects in the body. Your personal injury attorney first consults with medical doctors and expert witnesses to determine if the professionals in your case followed accepted practices. If we find malpractice was a factor in your case, the injury attorneys at Segan, Nemerov, Singer, Sonin & Tancer, P.C. fight on your behalf to recover compensation for medical costs, lost pay, long-term care, and pain and suffering.

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Surgical errors can lead to serious long-term injuries, disabilities and death. If you or someone you love has been injured by surgical malpractice in New York City, contact Segan, Nemerov, Singer, Sonin & Tancer, P.C. online or at (212) 696-9100 as soon as possible.